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Thank you for the comments Paul. Yes, I wish I had been more careful on the tow cables. The ends are from the kit pieces, and the cables themselves are picture hanging wire, but I had wished after the fact that I'd looked at the originals more closely. Wax paper you say? thats very curious....
I dont have any engine screens, and was planning on not putting any on, assuming that could have been a possibility in 1943? I believe I have seen Panthers without screens, but I could be mistaken.
Other projects have pulled me away from my modeling bench as of late, but I'm also waiting on a couple small items to finish this model. I had ordered a Griffon Models MG34/42 PE kit. I had thought the kit came with the rifles themselves, but alas it is only an accessory kit Anyone know where I can get a good MG34? The kit piece is pretty awful. Thanks again!
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