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Pics to illustrate my rantings above. The firewall has molded on locator tabs so I know it is in the correct place. First question deals with the fuel tanks and the location on the firewall. Clearly, you can see that an area is cut out in the firewall for the tanks but they are too tall to fit in it. Are they supposed to be shaved down to fit or does that cut off really not serve any purpose? Maybe that's only for the flak or something? As it is, the air filter sits on the fuel tank so they could stand to be a little lower. Next comment concers the molded on part on the firewall. When the engine is in place and the firewall pushed into position against it's locator tabs, the engine pushes against that piece enough that it bends the firewall forward in the center. That bend binds on the transmission also. Any ideas on why this would happen? I can simply shave the parts down to fit but want to make sure I haven't made a mistake somewhere first. I plan to leave this open at least on one side so I don't want to mangle the engine compartment just to get it to fit properly. There are lots of extra parts in this kit but this is the only firewall so I know I have that right. This seems like a pretty basic step but it's not going together very well........

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