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Continuing with Water Buffalo.

So Finally the hull has been glued together. It fitted quite nicely, only problem there was that left hull side piece was warped and I did notice it just after it was painted and weathered. So there was no way I could use hot water to straighten it and only thing to do, was just to glue it on with patience, step by step and and to hope it will come up alright. And luckily enough, it did. Next thing to do was to add dashboard and cables to connect it with electric box.

Even though the sides fitted nicely, the belly side of the vehicle needed some filler and sanding. I added strip of resin welding just where front and aft part of the chassis joined together to sort out the gap and minor unevenness of the two parts.

I also started with side sponsons. AFV Club offers only two variants of additional armor - nothing at all, or full side plating. Since my vehicle was only partially armored, armor plates and fittings had to be scratch built. Bolt detail are still to be added to armor plate fastenings.
Track tensioner cover plates were replaced with Voyager ones and these went on, after some altering, just nicely.


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