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Thanks MZsoft

Agreed it will be a busy diorama. The intention is to try and utilize as much of the base area
Without making it too busy. The plan is to give 2 diorama ideas on the base with the house and wall being the separator between the front and back.

It will be a balancing act of what looks too much and what doesn't. This is the enjoyment of building diorama's.

I would like to give the viewer the idea of each side of the diorama base will keep them interested wanting to see more.
The view from the rear of the diorama is where I am at present to give the view into the house and the back yard.

The V170 saloon will be parked in the garage under the house .Not sure whether to have the
Engine hood open to display the detail.

The miniart saloon was a challenge of a build. The manufacturer has excelled in detail on this little gem. The engine alone was like a good 4 hours to build. The detail is extremely intricate.

To try and trim the part you need a good eye and steady hand, it was like building a real engine from scratch. One particular thing to note was the plastic coiled springs for the rear suspension. How on earth did they do that ! The springs need extreme care to cut them away from the sprue.

The Salloon is also provided with a nice etch detail set.
I found with both the Miniart Salloon and the Riich Models field kitchen there seems to be
A huge step in detail from the manufacturers to make there models interesting to build.


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