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Ammo boxes...

Hi Again,

still working on the details of the fighting compartment. Lots of small details of course, and very time consuming. But I am trying to keep my pace going

There are 5 ammo boxes on the floor between the mortar legs and another 8 in a rack on the right just next to the back door. And one more, on top of the rack, on a tragegestell which was used to carry the ammo case on the back.

This is the tragegestell which I scratchbuilt using copper wire:

I used the tamiya ammo box as a master and changed a few small details:

Then I made a silicon form:

And used some fimo to make copies:

The rack was scratchbuilt with some plastic stripes and the tragegestell mounted on top:

Some of the photos are quite poor, sorry for that


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