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Mortar base

Hi again,

thanks Andrew and Michael for your comments

Although I did not write any blog, I was working on and off on this build in the past years.

I did a lot of research on the mortar base, because it was not clear how the mortar was mounted. It was only recently that I finally found a photo which confirmed the look of the "Spezialbodenplatte". And I also found the measurements in a drawing by Hillary Doyle from 2006.

Here is a photo of the base which was found somewhere in France:

Here is my version in plastic, based on the drawing by Hillary Doyle:

The mortar was scratchbuild based on the Dragon kit:

And here it is test-fitted with the new mortar base:

The next thing was the front mounts of the mortar. According to the reference photo the front legs had mounts attached to the side walls:

Here is the version that I scratchbuild based on the photo above:

And with both sides visible:

I'll post some more steps soon


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