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Originally Posted by Grim' View Post
Hi Kristjan,

your work on this beauty is amazing... I built one by Hobby Boss a couple of years ago, but I didn't go that far in the details !
Which model did you take to do the final drive in scratch ?

Keep it up !


Thanks, Grim.
I guess the final drive on the real thing were Panzer IV's, as LWS shared most of its mechanical components with Pz. IV. As on the model, I didn't have any kind of Pz. IV final drive to use or modify, so I made it totally from scratch - Pz. III road wheel was used as base part where the Bronco's final drive's center were fitted in. Ribs, back plate and upper part were then made out of styrene. It isn't accurate in any matter, but is better, than the Bronco's original.
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