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Maus data

On the vehicle itself:
Supposedly it was a lumbering beast, barely crawling due to its weight. Not quite true. Its top speed was 20 km/hour, it could easily climb slopes of 45 degrees, and it had deep wading capability. Its minimal turning radius was 7,25 m, almost twice that of a Tiger I at 3,55m, but significantly less the 18,6 m for a M4 Sherman mid production. The T34 could only do skid turns. On 15th of march, 1944 the Maus V1 has sunk in swampy ground up to two thirds its hull, due the driver not knowing the terrain, avoided by all other vehicles. After laying timbers under the tracks, the Maus pulled itself free under its own power, with no external help.
Hull armor:
- Frontal armor 200 mm
- Posterior armor 150 mm
- Lateral armor 180 mm
- Roof 100 and 50 mm
- Floor 100 and 50 mm
- Tracks are protected by 100 mm armor

- Frontal armor (round) 220 mm
- Lateral armor 200 mm
- Posterior armor 200 mm
- Roof 60 mm
Doubtlessly an engineering triumph, it was however hampered by its 188 tons weight and a fuel consumption of 350 liters of Diesel every 10 km...
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