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Studebaker US6 - Katyuscha - ICM 1/35 - conversion and tire repair

Well, Gents....
I´m back, again....

This is my new project: Build a Katyuscha rocket launcher with this truck:

using parts of this Dino:

Another Panzerserra´s odd ball....

Well, first step: repair the mistake of ICM, when castting the details of the tire in a wrong way!!!!


This is the ICM tire:

Very beautiful details for us to be lost:

This is the real and right thing:

Well, the option is to use the " Panzerserra´s Tires Repair Method "

1st step: make a tool for this...
measuring the internal diameter of the wheel:

With a compasses, measure and cut a plasticard disk:

Note the radial holes...The holes will be used to stabilize the wheel in the tool

Before setting up the wheel in the tool, I made a registration demarcation....

Using fine copper wires to tie (kindly) the wheel in the tool.
Then, cut the excess and bend the tips...


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