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The airbrush I'm using is a Revell Master Plus IDG 950. It's adouble action brush with a gravity feed cup. But on the box it says in small lettering: ''This Vega model by Thayer & Chandler is exclusivley distributed by Revell AG'' so it is practicall the same as a Vega 1000. A lot of confusing information. :lol:

I use Model Master, Revell and Humbrol enamels. I thin them usually 50/50. I thin them with White Spirit. When the problem occoured then I tried thinning it down to 20% paint and 80% solvent. Still no change.

I believe the nozzle is thightly fastened.
The manual also says that the nozzle and spray head form a unit and when taken apart should be sealed again with wax. I haven't used any wax, should I?

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