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Been using my new airbrush for a week now. (Double action gravity feed.) Yesterday when I tried to do fine mist it does that for about 2 seconds and then stops. When I pull back on the lever and it starts coming again but then there is too much paint. When I release the trigger and try again everything happens the same way. :angry:
I disassembled it and cleaned it through well and nothing seems to be broken. The needle seems to be straight and the nozzle ok.
Tried to do some painting today and the same problem appeared.

My compressor is a small one but it has a small airtank. I tried different pressures but the result is the same as mentioned above. I dont have a moisture trap as I have used the compressor since christmas with a single action external mix brush and everything has been OK till now.

My main guess is that because the weather is getting warmer here the air is more moist and because the new airbrush is more sensitive to moisture.
I really dont want to buy a moisture trap only to find out that the problem is still occouring. But if I really have to do that then I can't buy it untill monday when the hobby shop opens again.
And to top it all of all the painting has to be done by Tuesday evening for a competition.

So can please anyone help me with this problem? I am really desperate.

Best wishes
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