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HI friends, sorry for the long time after the last post, Iím in the stage of painting this monster and it is so time consuming due to the size of the parts. Here are some photos of the almost finished painting ammo wagons.

First is the correction to the wagons balcony hand rail, I made this the same on both sides and
It was wrong, one side is open for the elevator platform to land on it, and the other is a normal hand rail open in the middle.

Here is how it was made the first time, just one hand grab bar on an L

The L was shortened and the other parts added, now it is correct for this side

After correcting both wagons I made the markings as close to the only photo I have of the originals as I could using two sets of archer dry transfers, I combined from both the Leopold set and the Rail car set.

First the wagons are painted with panzer grey, then some coats of panzer grey with white followed by some weathering with powders, oils wash and some dry brushing

The rails are painted and the interior received some dusting with powders

This is the only photo of the side of the ammo wagons that I have showing part
of the markings

The markings are applied and more dust with the powders
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