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I used the hand wheels from the dragon cars and a piece of 1.2 x 11mm long rod
With a small base 2.5 x 2.5 of .40 styrene to finish the mechanism

The finished brake system

Now I started the doors,

The doors are already cut from the front panels, so only the details need to be made
I started with the hinges, made from .90 x 5mm styrene rod cut in 4 pieces

The hinge plates are made from .30 styrene 2.5 x 2, 12 pieces for each set of doors

The doors in place with the hinge pins

The small top door hinge plates are .70 styrene 2 x 2.5mm with a .30mm x 20mm
Styrene rod

The doors handles are made using part #B4 from the dragon cars

The part is trimmed to shape

With the addition of the rails the cars construction is finished

The opened doors are being painted, thatís why this are
Missing now on both cars

A size comparison with my dragon stug III

Painting of the cars is almost finished, thanks for watching

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