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Hi people! Work on the ammo cars continues, so here we go…

It is time to make the cool air conduits connectors, flexible tubes were connected to this
So air conditioned air can circulate from one car to the next, this was needed to keep the
Powder charges at a low temperature to maximize its performance

In this photo you can see the cars connected with the flexible tubes

The connectors, two on the front and two on the back

To make this I used a piece of aluminum tube 12.4mm x 3.30mm

You need 4 for each car

A disk of .70mm x 13.6mm is glued to the back of each piece

Next another 13.6 disk is trimmed down to 12.4mm leaving 3 “ears” of
About 1.5mm equally spaced around the disk

The disks are trimmed to 12.4mm (the same diameter as the tubes) with a file

It should look like this

Using a knife the ears are cut open in the middle so a bronco models wing nut
Can be glued into it

I used two small pieces of styrene and glued to the sides of the wing nut

The wingnuts are to hold the cover in place when the conduits are not used
It all looks like this when finished, you need to make 8 of it in total

Now the conduits are glued in place, 3mm over the upper step and 8mm from the
top corner of the doors

Next the brake system is made, for this a piece of square styrene 4.7 x 4.7 4mm long
Is used.

The front is covered with a piece of styrene
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