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Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty

Well here goes....hope I'm doing this right per forum rules. I trust you'll all let me know if I dont?

I'm starting my vBench page with the projects I'm working on right now. Perhaps at a later time I'll delve into my old, "finished" projects, but whatever forum I'm a member of, whatever the subject or genre, I love build threads, so I'll try to make this as informative as I can. Now I know there is some really high-quality, hi-tech, super talented people here, and I dont think I'm in the same league, but I can do some stuff, and despite being perhaps somewhat lacking in technical skill and knowledge, that doesnt mean that I might not have a trick or 2 up my sleeve that the Old Masters havent seen yet.
I dont have time to post photos today, but this blog is gonna center around my 2 current workbench projects. I've never done any German armor subjects, but I'm currently working on 2. One is a Dragon Pz. IV, the other a Tamiya Pz. V.
The Dragon kit is a splendid bit of work...tons of detail, I'm assuming super-accurate, and even a bit daunting. I'm pouring my skills and creativity into this one, scratchbuilding a 50% interior, and have plans to make this a very nice representation of a Stalingrad Pz. IV to go with my STZ T-34/76.
The Tamiya is at the extreme other end of the spectrum. It is a very old kit (1969 cast into the bottom of the hull!), and very lacking in detail. I'm told it's also quite inaccurate, and while it builds into a nice model, it's not really a "serious" piece. I'd had plans to try and fix what is "wrong" with the kit and build it into a highly detailed, highly accurate Panther, but I think I've decided to let a turd be a turd, and just build a nice model out of it. I'm thinking of going with a Battle of Kursk theme with this one, to go with my other T-34/76 softedge, also a Tamiya kit.

I'll get build photos up as soon as I can.
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