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Trumpeter Challenger II OOTB

hello, this Challenger II will be my first vbench from start to finish, so if im doing anything wrong do not hesitate to let me know (and yes the space bar on my keyboard is broken lol)

This kit consists of 6 sprues plus hulls and tracks with a total of 414 pcs building to 333mm in length and 102mm width, also included are decals forthe UK KFOR variant in Kosovo,
This kit isn't for the purists among us as the detailing is abit poor, but as imbuilding this OOTB imnot too bothered,

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Today i began the build starting with the turret, when joining the upper and lower turret i found that the main gun was tryingto stop the two parts fromjoining correctly so a little sanding was in need, so after sanding and removing all of the rough edges i joined the two turret pieces together leavingsome very large gaps, youcan see where the gaps were inthe pics below, when attaching the pieces that hold the main gun i found they were very awkward to put together as there wasnt much to fix to unlike a Tamiya kit where everything fits perfectly so this will too need some work ive tried to show this is in the pictures below but as you can tellim no photographer,

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