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Hi to all and thanks for your comments, here with an update on the Dora, work continues on the 8 cars brake system and wheels.

The brake system is very detailed and has many parts making it time consuming

The wheels and axles are cleaned and ready to install

With the brakes finished I installed the sides of the car followed by the wheels, the walls snaps in to place neatly and also have bolts to secure and reinforce it.

All the parts glued in place

Next upper part of the car is detailed and the side ladders are assembled, please note that the parts position are reversed on the instructions, so part 19 goes on the upper side and 20 goes down.

The front of the car is also very detailed and the coupling mechanism is movable.

Side and top details

The other end car

This two were once a long 10 axle car, you can see the differences between each.
Now you have four of each, 4 for the front and four for the back of the main carriage.

Finally I made 8 end plates out of styrene sheet to cover the end of each car were it was cut

After the cars are finished I took a look at the aluminum rails and noticed it look oversize,
so I search on other Dora builds and confirmed the rails are too big. The rails are 8mm tall by 7.1
Wide, compared to a regular trumpeter rail that is 5 mm tall by 3.1 wide. Here you can see the
Difference in size
A trumpeter figure with the aluminum rail
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