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Hey Guys,
thanks a lot for your interest and your kind words!

I really donīt like how the kit turned out and as it seems, it has way to much mistakes.
I never was too pleased with it and seeing it now, next to my latest kits, I hope I can do it better this time.

Happy birthday!

Iīm following your builds, over on Armorama and I got to say that your Tigers are amazing!
Those Masterclub tracks really are amazing and one of the best things is that they are actually cheaper than Friul oder Modellkasten and only a bit more expensive than the AFV-tracks here in germany.

it turns out that there is still some stuff missing .

One has to love the figures from Alpine .

Alright, I havenīt got any pics yet (will post some tomorrow), but I just wanted to say a big thank you to Ron Hetherington, as he gave me a ton of tipps for my build!
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