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I'm not sure what you mean "paint finish" so I explain the whole process:
1. I painted whole model with Lifecolor's 4BO set.
2. I added highlights (and shadows in few spots) on some elements like hatches, periscopes, bolts etc. with set above and with oil paint 502 Abt. Olive Green (ABT050) mixed with black or white oils to achieve proper tone.
3. Then I tried to do fading (only on large areas) with few oil colors and White Spirit.
That's it.

The rest is of course chipping (with AK 711 Chipping Color), few brown grime streaks (AK 069 Streaking Grime For Panzer Grey) and pigments (mainly MIG's Dry Mud P232 ).
I haven't used any varnish and pigment fixer on model.
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