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why not be a, Canon & Nikon man?

Originally Posted by Tarok View Post
Funny you should re-post/photograph the Flea, Alex. I was researching for a figure review and was browsing a WW2 motorcycle book, happened across some pics of this bike and recalled your magnificent work which is this (well, not only this ) model.

The photos look good. I don't see the out of focus section of the front wheel you're referring to, but I do gather you've done some post-production to the photo?

BTW, Rick posted his camera settings in this post:

FWIW, like you he's a Nikon-man (ptew, ptew! I'm a Canon-man ).

Thanks Rudi and thanks also for the link to 'camera settings' by Rick. Very Useful.
Yes, I been shooting with Nikon for years, but have my eye on the Cannon 60D right now.
Like being proficient with PC & Macintosh, I also want to be proficient with Nikon & Canon Digital SLRs. Just trying to stay ahead of the learning curve, my friend.

Here is another photo of the 'flying flea' with a wider depth of field in focus.

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