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Thank you, Lost Legionar and Gopher.

The Interior is now painted. I'm going with polish early camo scheme, which they called japanese style camo and which the vehicles in estonian service had as well. The scheme has three exterior colors - bluish gray, sand yellow and olive green divided with a thin black line, and interior of these vehicles were painted with the same bluish gray.

Painting the main color of interior didn't go too well though - I tried many different grays, but most ideal seemed to be an old half-a-jar of Modelmaster RLM63 that I had in my stash. My Airbrush didn't like this old paint too much and the result was a bit of grainy surface on the side walls and floor. Weathering and other details do good job to hide this, but seems that for the exterior I have to find a new jar of this MM paint (which is hard/expensive to find in Europe) or find an alternative gray.

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