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Hello again,
Back with the next update, head down doing the bussing nag.

Here are a few images of progress work.

I can see now why AFV Club chose to have the normal softer plastic than other manufacturers. The items on the sprue cage are extremely fragile and with having a softer plastic it makes them a little more flexible to remove from the sprue cage.
There are a couple of close up photo's below to show some extremely small D shackles which would scare any modeller away to take of the sprue cage.

As mentioned before the Bussing Nag is not a shake and bake kit and the best way to takle the painting and building side of it is to build in sub assemblies. It will make it way easier to paint and detail in this format.

Item 20 on sprue cage L is missing 1 side of a shackle. There are 4 sprues and this is a very very small manufacturing error.
All of the 4 L sprue cages have this inconsistency.
Ie: the bottom item in the image L20 is what they should look like.

The resin tyres from Def Models are different to what has been displayed on the box art. The tyres look like the same style of resin the Verlinden Productions used. It is a lot more stronger resin but the box art does not give a proper identification of what's inside.

More to follow....


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