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Now, the colors:

I never that would paint my Matilda CDL with the colors of Bovington Museum!!! Awfull
I wanted to use a bi-tonal cammo, of two this picture of same Matilda, of Bovington, before being painted of that terrible green color:

Continuing: we had this green-bronze option, but I donīt like this option...

.. and just my kit is a oddball, the painting would be also...pure fun !!!
I found this, of a Matilda in France, in the end of the French Campaign, to the vespers of Dunkerke:

Resolved: light-green and dark-green ...Humbrol and Testors paints, in the house. But, before, Archer Surface Details in the turret, with casting-numbers and rivets ... itīs amazing !!!

and now, painting:

The exhaust-pipes, in dry-run:

and Matilda CDL with Grant CDL:

I took the two girls for a suntan, in the edge of my balcony:

The colors are very brights, but the weathering will solve this...

Well, Lads, there this...

Be linked that. By the way, the two tanks will be born together: Grant and Matilda!!!

regards, from Brazil...
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