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Thanks Ropi...that helps a lot. I'm assuming the system works basically the same way in War Thunder? It seems a little simpler, and also seems like you advance a little faster. I don't know what all the different symbols mean, like, I know what the gold and silver lions are, though I don't see many places I can spend my silvers, and it seems like I earned a bunch of them right off the bat and then it kind of crapped out and the earnings the past several games has been much lower even though my performance is far better. I don't know what the "balloons" as I call them are for, the gold and blue balloon shaped credits. And I don't understand how certain actions while playing translate into a better score or more earning at the end. For instance in some battles I'll do almost nothing and score the same or higher than I do in a battle where I score several hits and a couple kills. There doesn't seem to be any real consistency in the scoring that I can tell.
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