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A new StuG at Bovington.

Hi guys. I received this email yesterday and thought I would share it with you.

"On Friday last the Sd.Kfz. Foundation presented their beautifully restored
Sturmgeschuetz in Bovington. Ten years ago the remains of this
Sturmgeschuetz were recovered from a freighter that had been sunk in the
Black Sea. The Foundation have done an amazing job in restoring it to the
condition it was in when loaded on that ship in November 1943.

While there are many Sturmgeschuetze around the World today only three
assembled by MIAG are known to have survived including this one. This is the
only fully restored one. Many differences in construction and detail when
compared to Alkett vehicles were found during research for this project.

After various drives around the Bovington arena the Sturmgeschuetz was
joined by the Bovington Tiger Ausf.E and Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf.L giving
a nice opportunity to compare (within the limits of digital photography) a
plain Dunkelgelb vehicle with two that have been restored with original 1941
Tropen colours." H.L.Doyle June 29, 2009

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