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Haven't been doing much today because I was helping a friend of mine with his AFV Tiger I. But as I promised, here are some first scratch-works of the interior.

At first, I made a new place for the driver / radio operator. I used Evergreen plastic sheets.

... fitted in the hull ...

... and taken out. Please note that it's my first scratch work and that it's all but finished. I'm thankful for any criticism on it.

Here are the two bars on the bottom of the compartment still being a bit too long and high. I'll treat that tomorrow. Also visible is the back wall of the compartment which will also be made new from scratch.

Here's the Jaguar side interior part with transmission and radios. It has much better defined detail than Verlinden's counter-part whilst it is still not fitting well in the DML kit and also seems to be undersized.
Does anyone know the radios shown in this pic? I want the enhance them a little bit, maybe with the ABER detail set?! Would this be appropriate?

And the last thing for today: A new frame for the first seat made from the Lion Roar 0.8 mm copper beams I got recently. I can't do much more on them for the moment because I need wider springs for the back of the seat, sitting in between the frame. Got some left from my 234/1 build, but it's looking stupid when widened for the frame.

Let me know what you think.
I hopefully can do some more before I leave again, tomorrow.

Misses modelling.

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