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Thanks everyone for your kind words

Today, I made a little progress and want to present it to you.

At first, I Zim'd the dreaded front plate.

It wasn't too difficult at all - take your time and be patient. You got enough time 'till the Tamiya putty hardens. The key's to let it even dry for some time, let it be 10 minutes or even more. In this time, it connects very good to the (roughned!) surface. After that it's very easy to create the structure with the screwdriver. My tactic was to create first the horizantal pattern all over the plate, then do the circles around the bolts.
I think it wouldn't have been possible to achieve this result with my first putty, the acrylic one. So I'm very pleased with my decission to go on with Tamiya Epoxy stuff. It's even better than milliput in my eyes because it sticks much better on the surface.
The three arrows point to the edge where I've to sand down the Zimmerit once dried. There'll also be minor battle damages, soon
Some of the big bolts also have to be cleaned up.

Here are three of the four fender parts ABER provides in their fender PE set for each side. ABER did a great job on those. This was the first time I really needed my Etchmate.

Because the texture was a little overdone at the back of the superstructure, more Mr. Surfacer 500 was added to smoothen it a bit. It's not much but it's right, now. A little bit of sanding must still be done but I consider the structure as finished.
The "rightest" bolt needs still to be replaced, this I'll do later this day.

The last thing I did today was reworking the kit's fenders according to ABER's instruction. After I removed all the not needed parts from the original part and glued it in place, I filled some minor gaps with Mr. Surfacer 500. Now it's drying and will then be sanded.

So that's it, I'm curious to know what you think of the Zimmerit.

Misses modelling.

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