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Originally Posted by schlichtr View Post
It had been over a year since I last posted on this site (two days ago) and I was not really surprised by the lack traffic. I never visited this site because of the "big names", I liked the site for the vbench feature as I enjoy seeing in-progress projects. Especially when it's kits being built that I may want to build myself as they are the best reviews you can get. The main reason I haven't been visiting this site is my interest changed as I have been concentrating on aircraft models. Well I hope to be visiting more here in the future again.

You're right. The vBench builds were (and in some cases are, depending on picture availability from outside picture databases, namely photobucket, etc.) the most lucrative features of the site. It seems to me that a lot of people swithched to other sites (myself prefer armorama) where there are life-signs and active forums... but I don't give up hope and visit/post this site regularly.

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