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Half a year passed since the last message and baaaang, here is a new comment
I have the same problem with site blocking at my workplace (fortunately PA is not YET blocked). But I have a smartphone and mobile internet access - so firewalls should not be an issue.
Both of you has right about the reasons, I think. What my personal stance is: now I try to post on PA, on Armorama, on my blog and Instagram in parallel but as I have limited time, I will give up some of them. And what is the logic behind a decision of this kind? I will leave the least active one(s).
So maybe this is/was a classic downward spiral? Kind of a forum-deflation? More and more visitors left the site due to the constantly decreasing activity and the leaving of "big names" (A. Wilder, tamigawa, J. Tainton and many-many others)?

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