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More colour pics, kulled from the net..

Schwimmwagen in Normandy, image courtesy of Barry Crook on ML i think

colour Pz IV family

well known shot of colour shag panther

colour shag tiger.. well it would have been in colour before being burnt

ANd perhaps my favourite of any WW2 colour pic, these blokes surrendering:

Just look at all the vehicles, all display a differing camo scheme, all display a differing camo colour, all the tones and shades are different. This for me really negates the argument of 'correct colour'.. all the damn colours are different, some are covered in a layer or dust, others, like the trailer with 'Koln' (Cologne) on the side look relatively freshly painted..

And the thing that really kicks you in the balls, is that if you convert the image to B&W, all the vehicles become virtually the same colour..not so much the car in the foreground, as it looks to be covered in a layer of dust and road grime, but the cars directly behind the trailer... what hope do we have?

Thanks for starting this thread Hilly!

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