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Hey Ebbe,
when I was building this Tiger, I didnīt do much research for it. There are a LOT of mistakes on it. One of the reason for me to do it better this time. The other reason is the paint and weathering on it .
Letīs see if I can do better this time...
The shackels are beautiful. You get 20 pieces for a few bucks. The only problem is that mine seem to be more suitable to Panthers. I should have looked twice before ordering. You need any? I got plenty of spares.
A vignette? I would love to Ebbe, but I canīt get myself to build one. Iīm a bit worried to mess it up and most ideas I come up with are boring. You know, that usual "Tiger on a field"-thing .

Ok guys, even though I promised some pics, I had to work too long and now Iīm too lazy to take them .
But I ordered some more goodies:
Tiger I Early Frontal Armor w/Operating Vision Block and S-Mines from Tiger Model Designs.
I hope they arrive soon.
Then it seems like my replacement parts for my Airbrush are finally on their way. So I may be able to paint my Wespe this weekend. Good news!!
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