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Tiger I "S33" of "Das Reich"

Hey Guys,
because of some problems getting spare-parts for my Airbrush, I decided to work on a kit which is laying on the "Shelf of shame" for way too long.
It´s Tamiya´s Tiger I frühe Produktion.

Besides the base kit, I collected some goodies for it:
Tasca 35-L7 - German vehicle light set (which has some parts for the spare-track holders and some better detailed Bosch-lights
Eureka XXL ER-3502 - Towing cable for Tiger I
Archer AR35155 - Tiger Mix #1
Alpine 35032 - Waffen-SS Panzer crew set (planned to use them on my StuG III Ausf.G)
Schatton Modellbau 3525 - German MG34 Panzermantel (not the best barrel on the market, but it will do)
Masterclub MC135006W - Tracks for Tiger I early
ABER 35K01 - PE for Tiger I early
RB Model - MG34
RB Model 35B01 - 8,8cm Kwk 36/L56 Tiger I early model (even though the ABER-set has a very nice barrel, I prefer the RB one as the muzzle brake has to be screwed on)
RB Model - towing shakels for Tiger I (got the wrong set at the moment)

I intend to build the famous S33 during the Operation Zitadelle.
To be honest, I´m not the biggest Tiger-fan out there, but I really, really like the markings on this tank.
I already built it a couple of years ago, but never was satisfied with it, so I hope this one will be better...

First try on it, with some lousy pictures from back then:

As you can see, it can only get better .

Thanks a lot to David Byrden, Ebbe Bergmann, Kevin Brennan and Richard Craig for their support, as well as to Christoph Klein, my good friend, who borrowed me some of his Tiger I books.
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