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Thanks, David.

Mid and late version LWS's had some very unique color schemes indeed. There are records of three-tone LWS 19 71*, or LWS 5 26 with yellow stripes over the dark grey. Since there's no known photos for about ten late prod. LWS's, this model allows wide artistic freedom.

Yet all four early LWS's were painted in overall gray, except LWS 3 00, which was covered with probably blue-gray patches at the time of 1940 autumn in Belgium.

I'm going to make LWS 3 00, but in 1941 autumn, when it was used in the operations on Baltic sea islands Saaremaa and Hiiumaa (Insel Ösel and insel Dagö in german). Such time frame and -place is chosen, because I was born and raised in Hiiumaa.

At that time, LWS 3 00 was painted in overall gray. Trojca and Jaugitz have written, that all LWS's were probably painted using Kriegsmarine standard colors, since the vehicles were developed on Kriegsmarine initiative. So my overall gray will be slightly lighter than ordinary Panzer gray.

* NB: the first digit of LWS number is the production number - for example LWS 19 71 is the nineteenth LWS produced.

All info has been taken from Waldemar Trojca, Markus Jaugitz book "LWS Land-Wasser-Schlepper"
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