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Hello my friends , I’m back in business with the sboat construction. I took about a month and a half free from working on it, that’s why it’s being so long since my last post. IM finishing working on the front gun and gun pit and this is the most reworked part so far in this build, italeri simplified the gun frame and the gun pit needed to be bigger for the figure to fit in. so here we go..

First the deck hole has to be enlarged to 37.5mm

Using the dremmel I enlarged the hole

After sanding the new hole smooth I made the new horizontal ring, it measures 37.5mm interior by 42.5mm exterior

It looks like this with the horizontal ring glued in place…

Now the vertical ring is made using a strip of .10 styrene that measured 5.5mm width by 115mm long

Here it is in place

Finally the interior horizontal ring is made, again with .10 styrene and measuring 33.5mm interior by
38.5 exterior.
Here the interior ring is dry fitted to check the fit, it still needs to be sanded on the interior to the pencil mark.

Now I moved to the reconstruction of the gun cage, here I assembled it dry so you can have an idea how it looks like as it comes in the kit

I started by cutting this part off so I can redo it with styrene so I don’t have to putty and sand the original, It is easier to make a new one

After removing the part sand smooth the sides and install the new one

At this point I decided I wanted the linkage system to be workable like in the real gun so started to make my own parts. It started by removing a section of the original cage needed to do the center link

The part I need is the center ring, here I cut it apart from the linkage

After sanding it down on the outside it looks like this,the shaft is 3mm long

Here you can see the removed modified part and the original part from where it was removed

A piece of styrene rod the same width of the part hole is cut

With the punch I did a disk the next width size of the styrene rod
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