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Ok guys, finally got in my putties so I could pick this up again and have gotten a bit of progress done over the last few days. I went over all of the welded joints on the turret with masking tape and tamiya gray putty to eleminate the small gaps that are present after gluing the parts together. They fit great but there is still the smallest of gaps that need attention. After that........... Zimmerit was the order of the day............ Started with the turret front plate the rake and here are the results.......

After that I worked on the front of the hull.... First step was to check my seams on the sides with some mr. surfacer and then i worked on the spare track rack and access hatches and then on the the zimmerit. I actually chose to shave off some of the raised details on the transmission cover to make the zimmerit go better and then added it back in after. Not really necessary but it did make things a little less stressful. Could have just left it off alltogether since I'm going to load up on spare track links but whatever.

Next up was the upper hull front plate which has the unique herring-bone pattern as seen on several of the 4th panzer division early H's. I may go back and touch up a bit around the ball mg but I may just leave it alone as with zimmerit, mistakes = character

A few shots of the parts stuck together for effect....

I havn't done the rear yet as I'm still trying to figure how what parts I need to remove for the pe fenders to work correctly. Running gear is also in flux. I want to make it workable but the Tristar parts that I have are not exactly a perfect fit for this kit. The wheels are too narrow as everyone knows but the dragon ones don't fit quite right so I'm contemplating a way to mate the two to make something acceptable. Might do a base after this is done so that's why I'd like it workable "just in case." Well, that's all I got for now, hopefully I'll have another update soon.
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