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Originally Posted by chadperkins View Post
Next, I thought I'd try out a trick that I learned from Paul Garrity for the exhaust. I rolled some thin brass plate cut to the proper width and diameter and soldered it together. Proceeded to chop up the kit exhaust to remove the brackets and shortened the ends slightly to make the overall width the same as it would have been put together as per the kit instructions. I then sanded down the main kit exhaust section's ends so that I could fit them inside me new cylinder to give me something to glue the ends onto for added strength. I then just sanded around the joint to smooth it out and proceeded to beat it up a bit. The straps that hold it on with conveniently cover the joints between the parts. Great idea which I'll take no credit for but which turned out pretty good imo.

That looks like something I did on my stalled Brummbar build from a couple of years ago

Hope your Zimmerite goes well.

I wanted to try something different on the exhaust muffler, as many photos I have seen of late show this part dented and bash. So to do this I thought I would drill out the plastic muffler and then thin the walls so I could gently push in some evidence of combat/bad driving.

After many hours I got it to where liked it, including adding a tiny top tube that was drilled out Evergreen rod I tried bending the fly wing thin plastic. Well let me just say it was not that successful.

I took a look at one of the Moskit exhausts I have for Panzer IVs but it was only suitable for the early version, based on a Panzer E chassis. So back to the drawin board I decided to try using some metal from a ex chicken pot pie container. I measured and cut a strip and rolled it up to try and solder it. That was a waste of time because the metal was an aluminum alloy of some sort.

But then it came into my brain that I do have some very thin brass and that solders up nice and so I went ahead and made my first scratched up muffler.

Added some strips and some of those dents and a few bullet holes


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