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I made a main body of tank, which rather looks like severe kayak or german mini Uboot Lenght of this vechicle is more than enigmatic.
Wheels are "in progress" but making 32 same round elements will take a while. I gues that the should be installed in "twin" carts - 4 doubled carts per each side = 16 x 2.

I think that there is a big resemblance between 25TP, Russian T28 (T35 is to big) and German NbFZ (not sure where the propulsion wheel was?).

Small comparision with 9TP-D (chassis similar to T26)
So guys, does length really make difference ?!

When talking about Polish prototypes there is always question about method of linking the armor sheets - welding or screw connections. Welding seems to be more accurate.

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