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News from Alpine Miniatures Dec. 2013

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Alpine Miniatures is proud to announce
it is celebrating its 10 year anniversary.
The last 10 years have been filled with
challenges, achievements, steady growth
and new product introductions.

We have slowly but steadily evolved and,
while we are proud of what we have acheived,
we know this would not have been possible
without loving support from modelers and

A huge heartfelf "Thank You" to you all!

To celebrate it and for the christmas season, we resent new figures:

1/16 scale
16023 WSS MG42 Gunner

1/35 scale
35166 WSS Infantry #1

35167 WSS Infantry #2

35168 WSS Infantry Set

1/35 scale
S0003 "Winter Patrol"
This 10 Year Anniversay Special Limited Edition is only available in
limited quantity of 200 sets. Each box is individually numbered,
autographed, and stamped to guarantee its authenticity.

Taesung Harmms & everyone at Alpine
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