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Well I have completed the cab with all the painting and assembly and now I am ready to move onto finishing the rest of the truck. A thin pin wash of mig brown wash and lamp black was flowed in and around raised details to add shadows to the cab interior. Next up I faded the doors with streaked oil paint to add the grimy look to them. After that I went to town with some chipping to the paint with Vallejo British tanker highlight and ss camo black brown. Once that was complete I painted the smaller details like buttons and switches with different color paints. Everything was thin sealed in with a flat clear coat to protect the final painting. The dials for the dash came from archer sealed in with a drop of future floor wax. The floor board received some pigments to simulate dried mud from the crew.

I also received in the mail my new wheels from hussar and I have to say I am very pleased with the detail on them since this is my first time to use them. The set also came with two styles of front wheels with different hub assemblies.

With the cab complete I can now move onto the rest of the truck and from here I assembled the rest of the front hood and tackled some of the parts for the bed. The gunner for the flak has been modified just slightly so that one of the legs is rest on top of the flak mounts and hands adjust to grab the adjustment wheels better. The rest of the build should go very quickly from here as there is not too much left to build up.

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