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Hello everyone,

While setting up new standards of "slow building" I finished the running gear. Huhhh... It was a bit harder (and nerve-eater) than I imagined - but it's over. I reproduced the D shaped track-support parts from brass but for the first time they turned out to be far too high. Of course Broke them and re-made a new set of four supports but they are not really-really looking the same. Now I decided not to do a third round as I have only limited time that is why I have to use itt more efficiently - and those parts will be hardly visible from the tracks installed. I changed the nuts on the side of the lower hull as well.

In the meantime I found and bought some resin 37 mm ammo in one of the local modell stores. Here they are (from Verlinden).

As I want to completely re-build the ammo rack inside the Stuart, I need a lot more of them (20-30 pieces) - nice occassion to learn the "how to" of handling resin d-i-y style Or if it turns out to be too difficult to me, I will ask my brother to copy the set to fill the rack.
A question: what do you use to paint shells? Gunze and Vallejo is preferred but any close-to-reality color interests me. Thanks!

Next step will be the inside of the tank. I have Eduard interior PE set but it will need some more scratch according to the limited amount of photo I've found of the inside of this tank.


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