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Hi to all again, here we are with a new update, soldering all the hand rails and ladders and other modifications took longer than expected but here it is. The engine compartment is finished and painted.

The engine is painted and covered to paint around it

The control panel is done using styrene bits and various decals for the gauges, the opening is measured and the various hole sizes done with a punch

Two strips are glued to the sides to make deep for the hand wheel

The control panel installed

Now the rear coupler is modified so the pipes that run on the sides can pass through it

The plastic is cut on both sides of the rear of the coupling

The hole is smoothed and sanded to shape

With the correct shape done a strip of styrene is added as a flange

Both sides are done

It looks like this installed, the pipes now pass through it

The side platforms are now modified, the detail under it is corrected and the hand rails made

Top and bottom of the platforms

All the details from the bottom are sanded off
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