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Been away from PlanetArmor for months, but maybe I'll stick around more often in the future. Always the issue of enough time on hand...

Originally Posted by lucatolo View Post
Just curious: where and how do you keep (I'm always looking for "safe place" for my WIP) your unfinished models ??
I keep them in the box, in a cupboard in the basement. Haven't had any accidents. Yet.

Originally Posted by lucatolo View Post
In your post you say that you used lifting lugs for the exhaust guards from the Modelkasten kit for Tiger I tracks: are there specific pieces or did you use something contained in the kit which resembles the lugs?
The Modelkasten SK-2 kit contains lifting lugs as specific pieces, along with the side fender attachements you may want to use on a Tiger I, if modelling it with a fender or two torn off. These parts are selling points for what is otherwise a true nightmare of a track kit. That is, the detail is great, it looks wonderful when finished, but it takes forever to assemble. You could easily assemble a whole platoon worth of Friuls in the time it takes to fiddle together the Modelkasten tracks for one vehicle.

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