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I think the origination of some of the stuff in that recent post on ML might have come from me a few years back, certainly I thought my old post was what Rob Galassi (sp?) was referrring to. If the ML search function worked I'd post it to save me writing it all over again but in essence my thoughts are that we as modellers may have misinterpreted what Tom Jentz has written. Red primer certainly seems to have taken on Camelot-like proportions but for the time being let's stick to the facts as presented.

As Harry remarks above, I would love to know where all this exposed red primer stuff originated and I suspect it was in 1995 with the publication of Germanys Panther Tank aka GPT.

In this book TJ quotes from a 31/10/44 memo from a local inspector to a single Panther factory , MNH in Hannover.

Now, can we (at this moment in time) 100% say that this memo applied to every factory producing AFV's? No we can't. We can only say it applied to MNH. As far as I'm aware, this memo is all there is (at this moment in time).

IIRC my other points in my old post were a possible misinterpretation of specific words TJ uses and I quote from GPT " ....camouflage patterns were sparingly applied in patches" and " sparingly painted with patterns directly applied to the red oxide primer utilising (the dunklegelb, green and brown paint paste)". What I was trying to get across is the word patches does not necessarily mean patchily and sparingly might not mean thinly. Sparingly can also mean sensibly or indeed it may mean don't stick on two coats or whatever.

Another interesting remark attributed to Charles Lemons, curator at Fort Knox, was that there may well have been exposed red primer - but where you couldn't see it, like the underside of sponsons or the belly of 234/4's (like Munsters, Harry?). All visible surfaces would be camouflaged.

If the factory was going to have to start spraying the camo schemes then, as anyone who's ever worked in materials planning will know, you need to know how much paint to buy per production unit. This is where the standardised schemes appear as we see on Panther, Tiger II, 234's etc.

As to the colour of red primer, I've seen from a darkish red (under the recently removed exhaust armour covers on Bovvies JT) to a surprisingly bright orange red (inside of Porsche TII engine bay, Panther G).

Hope this makes some sense.

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