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Heya, Folks,

Osprey has recently released a great new title in their Elite Series (#117):
"US WWII Amphibious Tactics" by Gordon L. Rottman with illustrations by Peter Dennis.

Haven't had a chance to read it yet, but the text does look thorough and the illustrations, charts, and photos all appear to be first rate. Thankfully, most of the photos aren't choices we have seen a million times, so there's new stuff ta see --- there's a fair share of LCM-3 pix as well as lots of larger transport ships and landing craft. Illustrations are in color and photos are in black and white. The cover illustration has great diorama potential: Marines transferring from an LCM-3 to an LVT-3 before hitting the beach.

You can pick this one up from Amazon for around $10.00 if you click on "New and Used" copies --- you can almost always find one brand new for this price.


Johnny B.
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