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Time for a lil update of the PBR Vietnam diorama.

Tricky but interesting work ahead : PBR integration into the Mekong resin.

The model was airbrushed with Vallejo primrs (4BO and OD shades) and drybrushed with humbrol light grey.
The antifouling was airbrushed black since it changes from the usual red. Have seen this on some pics ad found it rather cool.

The cockpit aint glued cos I got to get there later for buttons, cushions and levers painting and setting the driver fig.

On the base I worked on the boat print, integrating clear waves, to be detailed later, after the main resin pouring will have set.

Then the PBR was positionned and linked to the base using clear heavy medium gel. Took ten days to get dry !

Before pouring the resin its absolutely necessary to check the base will not be leaking for obvious reasons.

I tainted the resin with a few drops of Humbrol enamel ref 116

Although it doesn't smell, this Cristal Resin from Pebeo/Gedeo contains toluene... Make sure you wont smoke while pouring it and use it outside or open windows and keep out !

Drying in progress tonight :

Too calm a Mekong for sure ! I'll add little waves onces dry.

There I am.


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