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Thanks Johannes ,

Sorry for the late reply head down and into the modelling.

The Panzer 3'S in the early 1940's copped a fair share of punishment through the advance into France and there has been some good photo's posted around on the net and in Panzerwrecks on the battle damaged tanks .Perfect for the modeller.

It's the first time for me to try and replicate a damaged tank to this extent. Still a little more to do

Here is the latest
Track tools have been trimmed with all the plastic latches around the tools being removed off
A combination of Passion Models and Aber etch for the clamps and brackets . Both sets will be used depending on the type of tool.
Not an easy fix ,very time consuming .
Last nigh[t 1 latch 25 minutes , not for the feint hearted .

caved in to using these wheels on the vehicle .
The summers here can be quite hot and to sum it all up I do not want to do all the work on the Famo project only to have cracked tyres down the track .
Not a good feeling
The best thing with the tank workshop products is that the trailer and the prime mover wheels are in the same pack .
Picked them up from Dragon hobby on EBay if anyone is asking .
Good price and speedy delivery .

I was not going to use photo etch sets for the Famo prime mover. Initially the Famo was going to be built out of the box but there was some key areas of the external side of the prime mover where there is a requirement for some enhancements .I was going to gloss over them but unfortunately this was an area which cannot be overlooked. One specific area is the rear fenders on the Famo ,they are hinged and Tamiya seemed have slid straight over this one .Surprisingly because the Famo is so well engineered in detail they missed this particular area.
A good Friend of Mine Ross Allen had purchased the famo etch sets way back in 2000 but never used them .Some money changed hands and it is onwards and upwards for this build.
,mmm I have a lot of work to do, happy days , thanks Ross

Here are the 3 etch sets to play with

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