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Hi all,
Long weekend in Hungary because of a National Holiday and some free time... However, if this banking crisis will accelerate further then I'll find myself with lots of free time quickly Before being sad: thanks to my good fortune and credit card I bought the next project (Stuart M3A1 from Academy) in summer, when 1 USD was 155 HUF... Now the rate is somewhere above 220.

I just looked at James Tainton's Pz II F (and C...) and felt the desire to create boxes like he does. Well, the result is far from perfect but I am pleased with it as it was the first try in my modelling carreer I cut the ugly original from Dragon, and made hinges, etc. from PE (Aber and Griffon). Two hours from my life and a bunch of grizzled hair on my head but it was a catharsis to finish it

I also felt that have to do something with the running gear, too. As I mentioned earlier, it was too quickly glued on the body of the tank, without any modification, that is why it depicts a Marder II on the "before" picture (the first from left is in a state of change.).

So... Mr White Putty and Mr Surfacer 500 was used with limited success. The result is better than using Marder II parts, however could not be even mentioned on the same day as Marco's scratchbuilt running gear. Next step was to cut the bolt heads and replace them with hex-rod pieces (from plastruct) and the result is... look:

Next step is to glue the upper and lower body together but unfortunately the weekend is (almost) over... cheers,
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