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Originally Posted by Harry Steen View Post
Hello Lawrence and Roy,

I was following this discussion as I have build the SIG33 with the "wintercamo".
Now after being ready I'm completely convinced that there was no wintercamo on. I have read the weather reports of Stalingrad from the OKH and when once it got cold and the temperature fell there was no thawing anymore that would give the wintercamo this typical washed off appearance.

Since all of the 12 SIGs were lost in Stalingrad (first batch) it was full of dirt and dust that "frostdried" to the outside.

Of course that would make the painting especially intersting dry and wet mud covered with snow and ice.

...or you go for the second dozen that did not make it into Stalingrad and was then painted yellow with patches or stripes I seem to recall. They survived quite some time in 1943.

I see where you are coming from. However, if you look at a close-up of the same Sig 33B (the first one with winterketten), you can see some remaining traces of whitewash on the sides of the air intakes.


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