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And both rails

The model comes with its own base; it is nicely detailed very strong and heavy but in my opinion
The ballast is way too big

next another problem encountered is that the width between the rails is 45mm on the Dora rails, the standard rail width is 41mm in 1/35 scale. So if I’m going to use the trumpeter rails I need to modify the wheels on all the cars to fit the trumpeter track. I searched again on other old builds and this guy discovered that the inside spacer on the wheel is 2 mm Width, so by removing it the inside width can be adjusted to 41mm, yes! All this means the original base is not going to be used unless I can come with an idea of how to. So by now I will keep working with trumpeters
Now I have to carefully remove all the axles from each car to make the modification, remove 2mm from inside each wheel

So with my dremel I removed the plastic, leaving it level is exactly 2mm

Now it looks like this

All installed in place again, the wheels are dry mounted so if I want to use the original rail with the original base all you have to do is move the wheels to the side and it will be 45mm again

So I tested the car on a trumpeter track and it worked perfectly

With this the cars are finished, now I started to work on the bridges that go between each set of cars.
thanks for watching!
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