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Ya I get what you're saying especially about the hit mechanics in WT being inconsistent. Sometimes ill smack a tank with what I know is gonna be a lethal shot, yet it causes little to no damage. I'm in a Pz III F now, and often a benign shot from a small caliber will take me out. So yes, I think WoT is more consistent, but I do think the inconsistencies in WT make it feel more realistic, if more frustrating. One of my biggest issues to overcome in WT is accurate spotting. I'll get a good eyeball on an enemy but by the time I'm able to line up for a shot he's got 2 rounds headed my direction. I am getting better at firing on the move and using cover though. My other issue is handling the tank to avoid the dreaded tailslide when turning. All in all I am kind of in love with this game though. Glad I listened to you and gave it a 2nd chance.
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